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ntofy (pronounced: notify) is a mobile app for tenants to receive notifications, access info about shared building resources and amenities, get regular and frequent updates, request help or maintenance, track mail packages, food deliveries and more.

Made with ♥ in NYC

Top Features

Residential & Commercial

Engineered to meet the demands of both small or large environments with password-protected user accounts for tenants and admins.

Mail & Deliveries

Track mail packages and food deliveries with status updates and photo notifications.

Building Visitors

Check-in guests and send arrival notifications with photos.

Tenant Badges

Touchless ID badges with active/inactive status

Repairs and Maintenance

Track maintenance requests and schedule repairs.

News and Updates

Instantly broadcast building updates and important information.


Manage and schedule reservations for the freight elevator, gym (useful during covid-19 era), rooftop, party room, and more.

Building Package Pass

Issue passes for packages and access the tracking log.

Easy setup

No special IT requirements. Simply download the mobile app to get started. We have both android and ios versions for mobile phones and tablets.


Admin Edition

The admin edition of ntofy is made for buildings and has all the controls and settings that staff and front desk need to use. This version features a dashboard specifically made to handle tenant requests. You can also create new tenant user accounts and edit profiles.

In addition, this version interacts seamlessly with the tenant edition and handles requests and scheduling.

Setup is as easy as installing the mobile app and logging in. Yet still, upon registration, the ntofy team provides personalized technical support and training every step of the way.

Tenant Edition

The tenant edition (which is simply called ntofy) is for tenants of the building. User accounts are generated by the building admin. To request a login please contact your building front desk or hit the "Tenant Registration" button below. For technical support feel free to email us at


ntofy requires a building registration to begin the service. Please contact us at for enrollment. Tenants will be notified when your building has enrolled. Feel free to email us anytime to recommend your building to enroll.

Yes, we can set up a demo account for you. Please email us at to request a demo.

The cost is determined by the number of tenants in your building. Please email us at to receive an instant quote.

ntofy is a mobile app that runs on any Apple iOS or Android device. This can either be a mobile phone, tablet, Chromebook or apple laptop with an m1 chip. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and/or the Google Play store. Most buildings already have mobile devices to use. Nonetheless ntofy does offer tablets and mobile phones for an additional cost. Please email us at for a list of prices and options.

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The apps are available on iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet.